Keep your page short - large heading

Users are unlikely to read a lot of text, so keep the aim of your campaign short and to the point.

If you need to provide lots of informational content, put it on GOV.UK and link to it.

The Fire Kills campaign is a good example of a short, focused campaign. – text box

200+ deaths in 2015 - statistic

You’re at least 7 times more likely to die in a fire in the home if there are no working smoke alarms. - statistic description

Create a single, clear and direct - call to action

If the user must read details of the campaign before following the call to action, place the button underneath that text. If not, put it at the top - get the user to their goal. - block quote


Videos can add richness to a campaign (full width)

Use videos which are appropriate for the medium you’re putting them on. Your campaign page video should be made specifically for your campaign page. Don’t put the url of your campaign page at the end of the video, that just sends the user to the page they’re already on. Send them to the action they need to complete. – caption text

Effective videos (half width, left-aligned)

Videos can be very effective marketing tools if considered properly.

Use them if they add something to your campaign, and help explain a concept or improve understanding. – caption text

Another video (half width, right-aligned)

This video for social good was a Design & Art Direction ‘Good’ Campaign of the Week. – caption text

Use this to make your page easier to scan, only showing contextual information when required.

You can group your hidden help text items into a list.

This is helpful if you have multiple snippets of information that are only relevant to some users.

The advantage of these help text items is that they look like links, and screenreaders can read the expanded detail.

You can have as many hidden help text items as you like (within reason).

Design awards

Half width left-aligned image

I am a caption

Post its about registers

Half width right-aligned image

I am another caption

Decorative image

Full width image (1100px wide)

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